Monday, December 31, 2012

Hellos and Goodbyes

Why yes, once again it has been a really long time since I've shared anything here.  It was an interesting fall season...I quit my job, and while I thought I would have more time, and be more inspired to write things here, in fact the opposite happened.  And not only in terms of this blog, I felt like my whole life just shut down and got very quiet.  Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but the longer the time away, the more I realized that it was time for me to close this chapter.  My interests have changed over the years, and while I still get super stoked about showing a really weird thing I found at the thrift store, I just don't think I have much more to say.  I feel like the last day of 2012 is a perfect spot to finish up this Rare Treasure story.  So THANK YOU so much for stopping by here, for being interested in all the weird items I find out there in the world, and for your comments and emails.  For realz!

But before I go...just one more little show and tell moment.  This is a book my cousin put together for all our close family members.  It's a book of pictures of my grandmother, who passed away in 2001.  Some of these images I have seen many times before, some were completely new to me, and all of it is really cool.  My grandmother was a very important person in our family, and it's nice to have these memories of her, all together like this. (Thanks Gina!)

That's all for now...take care out there and have a great 2013!

Vacationing in Italy in the 70s...

1970s family picture (I'm the baby in this pic)  I love how everyone matches each other with the various shades of brown.

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